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Why be a triathlete? What is so great about it?

This website will provide an insight as to the reasons why two elite triathletes do what they do. Also they will share some of their best tips.


Triathlon is a multi-disipline sport, consisting of swimming, cycling and running, one after the other without a break. There are many different formats of this sport, where the length of each dicipline varies, for example an Ironman event is a very popular long-distance race, which consists of a 2.4mile swim, a 112mile cycle and ends with a 26.2mile run.


Cornish based triathletes, David Bartlett and Neil Eddy, both have a massive amount of drive, motivation and competitiveness to compete as elite athletes, representing Great Britain in triathlons over the world.

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Sally Jacob


Sally is a photojournalist specialising in sports photography.





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